Damodaran: Wonderful free lectures on finance and valuation

Aswath Damodaran is a brilliant finance lecturer, probably the clearest teacher I’ve ever “had.” I put “had” in quotation marks because I’ve never met the man. I’ve only watched his courses (one on Corporate Finance and another on Valuation) on his website, where he places them for anyone to watch, free of charge. This is a wonderful gift to anyone interested in learning these subjects.

Last year, I watched and really enjoyed his 2008 lectures. I today revisited his website and learned that he’s uploading his current lectures too. Normally, re-watching a course a year later wouldn’t excite me much, but so much has changed in the world of finance that I’m eager to hear Mr. Damodaran’s take on our global financial crisis.

If you’re interested too, you’ll find tons of materials (including video lectures, book-sized presentations and wonderful datasets) at his website. I can’t recommend more highly.

One caveat: His website uses frames. Here’s the direct link to his current finance course and the direct link to last fall’s valuation course.

If you want/need to download the lecture files (perhaps due to connectivity issues), downloading RealMedia files is a pain. Here’s how to do it if you use Linux (I use/recommend Ubuntu): Install MPlayer and wget. Do a “wget xxx.rm” on the file’s URL. Then look inside the .rm file for an “rtsp” link. Once you have that link, create and run an executable file with the following code:


mplayer -noframedrop -dumpstream -dumpfile YOUR_CHOSEN_FILE_NAME.rm rtsp://,554

Posted by James on Tuesday, March 03, 2009