Healthcare for all, now!

In America, even toddlers stricken with cancer receive no help from the government:

Denise Prosser, 39, has battled cancer since she was a toddler.

Yet Prosser can’t afford her next cancer treatment — a radioactive therapy that she’s supposed to receive once a year — because she and her husband lost their jobs in December. Without insurance, she has postponed the radiation indefinitely and is taking only half of her asthma medications — sacrifices that often leave her gasping for air and could allow her cancer to come surging back.

What kind of advanced industrial “society” rations cancer and asthma treatments based on wealth? Is America merely a 300 million-person marketplace? Shouldn’t citizens in a nation as wealthy as ours expect and demand that their government provide basic healthcare for all? How can we tolerate our fellow citizens suffering and dying needlessly because they lost their job?

People have been dying needlessly in America for decades. But the current recession is already pushing the death rate way up. Our refusal to care for the weak and the poor among us is insane and infuriating.

Posted by James on Wednesday, March 11, 2009