"Agriculture would be destroyed and life would be impossible over much of the planet"

If you think financial news has been gloomy these past few years, you won’t believe what climatologists have discovered. Reality has exposed even the gloomiest “pessimists” of just a few years ago as naively sunny optimists. Every new datapoint has exceeded climatologists' worst fears. The world’s heating and melting is accelerating rapidly and could devastate human society:

Lord Stern, the economist who produced the single most influential political document on climate change, says he underestimated the risks of global warming and the damage that could result…

Lord Stern said new research done in the past two or three years had made it clear there were “severe risks” if global temperature rose by the predicted 4C to 7C by 2100. Agriculture would be destroyed and life would be impossible over much of the planet, the former World Bank chief economist said…

Lord Stern said the world’s population needed to be aware of the implications of climate change, with many areas devastated by hurricanes and others drying out.

“Much of southern Europe would look like the Sahara. Many of the major rivers of the world, serving billions of people, would dry up in the dry seasons or re-route.”

Billions of people would have to relocate as a result, he said.

“What would be the implication of that? Extended conflict, social disruption, war essentially, over much of the world, for many decades.”

Great. And I’m expecting to welcome a new daughter into this world any day now.

Posted by James on Friday, March 13, 2009