Media Matters: Media ignores Krugman... except when he criticizes Democrats

I’m a huge Paul Krugman fan. I’d have to search for hours to uncover something he wrote that I disagree with. America would be a finer nation today if every American regularly read Krugman’s articles.

And I’m an equally huge hater of most TV news. Until Rachel Maddow, I hadn’t watched TV news in years.

So I’m glad is complaining that the media largely ignored Krugman’s years of tough and completely accurate critiques of the Bush Administration but is suddenly fascinated by Krugman’s criticisms of Obama:

For years Krugman only occasionally appeared on the pundit talk shows. He wasn’t referenced much inside The Village, either. Meaning, the Beltway press pros didn’t seem to care what Krugman wrote about Bush and didn’t think his writing—his opposition—needed to be examined closer. He was just a liberal critic, so who cared what he wrote about Bush…

But now a Democrat is in the Oval Office, Krugman is still hitting the president from the left, and suddenly the Beltway press thinks Krugman’s work is fascinating and newsworthy. Trust us, it is. (For years he’s been our pick as the country’s premier columnist.) We just think everyone would have been better off if the press had paid this much attention to Krugman’s work between, say, 2002 and 2006.

Posted by James on Monday, March 30, 2009