Richly deserved anti-Carly Fiorina rant

Hewlett-Packard Trojan Horse Carly Fiorina wants to bring her power to destroy everything she touches to Washington by unseating one of America’s few good Senators: Sen. Barbara Boxer (whom I admire on many levels but still feel hurt by because she campaigned for Joe Lieberman against Ned Lamont, whose campaign I joined two months before it became an official campaign).

For anyone who doesn’t know the disaster Fiorina is, I offer this blog post:

Speaking as a woman in high tech, nobody wanted Carly to succeed at being the CEO of a Fortune 50 company more than me. I was tired of being the only woman in the room at meetings, I was tired of testosterone charged work days, I was tired of trying to out-guy the guys. I wanted someone who could be the face of women in high tech; to show the world that, hey, a girl could do this. Carly was charismatic, a dynamite speaker and seemed tailor-made for the role.

Then she actually tried to do the job. Cue the screeching tire and car crashing sounds….

“Train wreck” doesn’t quite cut it when describing Carly’s tenure at HP. “Epic fail” works better. During her tenure at HP, the stock nosedived 44%. She spent billions to acquire Compaq, promising big gains, which never materialized. She chased the last of the Hewlett and Packard families out of the company. She laid off over 28,000 people, and completely destroyed HP’s reputation as quality company to work for. She racked up over $100 million in compensation, including her $21 million severance.

Shit, I would have ruined the company for half that.

What has she done lately? Well, she was on John McCain’s staff for his failed presidential bid. She got sidelined, however, after she admitted that neither John or Sarah Palin was qualified to run a major company. (Because no one knows “un-qualified to run a major corporation” like a failed former CEO)

Posted by James on Thursday, November 05, 2009