I dislike the Miami Dolphins but love this story

I’ve probably never written a kind word about my beloved Patriots' football rivals in Miami, but I can’t resist the heart-warming story titled “A homeless man finds a friend in Miami Dolphins football boss Bill Parcells”:

Parcells was headed to work but stayed parked through a green light after [the homeless John] Schoen mentioned that he was an Eagles fan.

Schoen lamented the fact that Andy Reid, the Eagles coach and executive vice president, hadn’t made a play for a big-time wide receiver. Schoen also admitted that, as an Eagles fan, he hated the Giants, Cowboys and Jets teams that had been coached by the Big Tuna.

A few weeks later, Parcells stopped at the corner for his daily paper and handed Schoen an Eagles shirt, ball cap and the following note, which Schoen carries in the pocket of his worn, turquoise fleece jacket:

Coach, Tell my newspaper friend that we took a wide receiver in the second round, DeSean Jackson, and to wear the hat and shirt with pride — we are playing the Dolphins in the Super Bowl! AReid

With that, Parcells gave Schoen a pair of tickets to Miami’s game last November against the Oakland Raiders. Schoen, overcome, looked at his new Eagles attire, the tickets — lower level, 35-yard line, 10 rows behind the Dolphins bench — and asked:

“Do you think it’d be appropriate for me to wear my Eagles stuff to the Dolphins game?”

“No, but I’ll take care of it,” Parcells said.

The next day, Parcells stopped to give Schoen the Dolphins cap.

Posted by James on Tuesday, November 10, 2009