Why didn't we hear about $79,000 per American bank bailout estimate earlier?!?!

I was so stunned by Matt Taibbi’s claim that TARP’s special inspector general Neil Barofsky said bank bailouts could cost $23.7 trillion that I had to look it up.

Sure enough, Bloomberg reported it… on July 20th!!!

How has this not been the talk of the country for the past five months?!?!? $23.7 trillion for Wall Street!!!

That’s $79,000 per American!!!

And all we can talk about is the need to send more troops to Afghanistan (for what?) and how we can’t afford to provide Americans with basic healthcare.

Our media is horrible at reporting the news absolutely brilliant at keeping the American people focused on all the unimportant stuff while the kleptocracy plutocracy rich, scheming corporate bastards steal Americans' future earnings.

Posted by James on Friday, December 11, 2009