China's government extends its Internet authoritarianism

I’m outraged the U.S. government violates the U.S. Constitution by monitoring virtually everything every American does online, but at least “our” government doesn’t (yet) dictate what we can and can’t do online.

As if to prove my point from last night about the Chinese government’s ability to craft bad policies, I woke up this morning to read that China’s government is expanding its already strong control over Internet usage: “China’s government censors have taken fresh aim at the Internet, rolling out new measures that limit ordinary citizens’ ability to set up personal Web sites and to view hundreds of other Web sites offering films, video games and other forms of entertainment.”

The Chinese government would be wise to do everything it can to earn its citizens' trust — by adopting a zero-tolerance policy toward corrupt Party/Government officials, for example — rather than further constrain its citizens' ability to communicate and learn about the world.

Posted by James on Thursday, December 17, 2009