Hooray! Chris Dodd's quitting!

Over the past decade, I’ve seldom opened the newspaper visited Google News to discover happy news.

Today was a rare exception.

“My” U.S. Senator Chris Dodd — whom I’ve said should retire or be retired for his central role in the late-‘90’s elimination of banking regulations, which led directly to the Great Recession and tens of trillions in bank bailouts, and for authoring and sponsoring the HAVA law that foisted hackable, unauditable electronic voting machines on states — won’t seek re-election.

The Senate will remain full of Fox News Republicans and “centrist” (meaning “corporate-loving, citizen-despising”) Democrats, so this news doesn’t make me jump for joy and sing “Happy Days Are Here Again,” but I’m glad every time another of those responsible for America’s horrible decade won’t be around to screw up the 2010s.

Posted by James on Wednesday, January 06, 2010