Top security vulnerability: "Windows"

I enjoyed Slashdot blogger Barbara Hudson’s list of The Top 10 security vulnerabilities:

  1. “Pissing off coders for no reason.”

  2. “Windows.”

  3. “Feature bloat.”

  4. “We gotta ship NOW!”

  5. “The entire marketing department.”

  6. “Letting the president’s golfing buddies supply ‘useful input.’”

  7. “We’ll patch it later.”

  8. “Crunch time! and the 60-hour week.”

  9. “Ever-changing requirements.”

  10. “Hey, I read this article at and from now on we’re doing it this way …”

  11. “No, don’t refactor it, there’s no time — just put in a comment that SOME_VARIABLE now means the exact opposite of what it seems to mean, and that save_state_to_stable_storage() now exits without saving,” Hudson quipped. “And don’t worry about that other problem — nobody will enter a name with exactly 2,083 characters.”

Posted by James on Thursday, March 04, 2010