Sandra Bullock's wonderful lesson

I admire and congratulate actress Sandra Bullock for taking her lumps along with her accolades:

Sandra Bullock, fresh off of delivering a truly magnetic [best actress Oscar] acceptance speech, still had plenty of charm remaining for the reporters backstage. Bullock was asked about the Razzie she won Saturday night for her role in the clunker All About Steve, and the actress, who actually showed up at the ceremony to accept the statue, said she plans to keep her Oscar and Razzie next to each other. “They’ll sit side-by-side in a nice little shelf somewhere,” Bullock said. “Well, the Razzie maybe on a different shelf, a lower shelf.”

Ms. Bullock not only showed up to accept her Razzie, she even had fun doing so:

Razzie founder John Wilson told EW he couldn’t have been happier with the actress’ good humor: “If you are going to win a Razzie, then that’s the way to do it and have fun with it. I wish there were more people with that combination of self-deprecation and guts.”

Even if she knew accepting her Razzie as a good sport was good P.R., it still takes humility to embrace public humiliation. Thank you, Ms. Bullock, for displaying such wonderful character. And contrats on your full trophy case!

Never get a fat head from your accomplishments, and never let your failures beat you down. We all succeed, and we all fail. Just keep moving forward!

Posted by James on Monday, March 08, 2010