Google's broken hiring process: Horrible interview, great hire!

A month ago, I wrote about my interviews at Google a few years back. The process was even stranger than I reported, partly because I was contacted by six or seven different internal Google recruiters.

Anyhow, I stumbled on the following gem while reading about how former Googler Tim Armstrong has brought Google’s hiring process to AOL:

Googlers know the way they bring people into the company doesn’t work. In the book Coders at Work Google’s director of research Peter Norvig explains: “One of the interesting things we’ve found, when trying to predict how well somebody we’ve hired is going to perform when we evaluate them a year or two later, is one of the best indicators of success within the company was getting the worst possible score on one of your interviews. We rank people from one to four, and if you got a one on one of your interviews, that was a really good indicator of success.”

Wow! Time for famously data-driven Google to tweak its hiring process???

Posted by James on Monday, March 22, 2010