Monsters in our military

Many U.S. soldiers — like the great, late Pat Tillman — serve most honorably and seek to defend their nation with humanity.

But after you witness the U.S. military murder a wounded, immobile, unarmed Reuters journalist and his would-be Good Samaritan rescuers, you must accept that there are monsters in our military who seem to actually enjoy killing unarmed civilians.

About ten minutes into this video, you will be absolutely sick. After the military fires on and kills most of a group of apparently unarmed people (including two Reuters personnel, one of whom is carrying a camera), a van pulls up — with two kids clearly sticking their heads out the passenger window the whole time — to rescue a wounded Reuters employee who can’t walk… and the military starts firing again! The soldiers paid with our tax dollars and firing with weapons and bullets paid for with our tax dollars act like they’re playing a video game, laughing “ha, ha!”

After ground personnel discover the two wounded kids in the van that had tried to rescue the wounded Reuters employee, the soldiers who fired on them said, “Well, it’s their fault for bringing their kids into a battle.” “That’s right.”

And the military says the rules of engagement were followed correctly.


Posted by James on Tuesday, April 06, 2010