Pentagon protecting monsters

The Guardian makes another good point I missed in my previous post:

Initially the US military said that all the dead were insurgents. Then it claimed the helicopters reacted to an active firefight. Assange said that the video demonstrated that neither claim was true.

“Why would anyone be so relaxed with two Apaches if someone was carrying an RPG and that person was an enemy of the United States?” he said. “The behaviour of the pilots is like a computer game. When Saeed is crawling, clearly unable to do anything, their response is: come on buddy, we want to kill you, just pick up a weapon … It appears to be a desire to get a higher score, or a higher number of kills.”

It’s horrible enough the shooters were itching to murder these unknown, mostly/totally unarmed, and totally unthreatening Iraqis, even after they were crippled. But the Department of Defense issued repeated lies to cover up what happened… and still hasn’t punished any of the monsters. The Pentagon is protecting cold-blooded murderers, just as the Catholic Church protected child molesting priests.

Posted by James on Tuesday, April 06, 2010