How the media pretends to cover stories it can't ignore

Any sane American who watches U.S. soldiers enthusiastically murder a Good Samaritan for helping a severely wounded and immobile man — and seriously wound the Good Samaritan’s children — would be outraged, especially after those soldiers then blame the victims.

So I’m outraged by widespread media coverage that completely ignores the most heinous portion of this incident (i.e., cold-blooded murder of an unarmed, defenseless journalist) and fixates on the most innocuous. I already covered AP’s lies about it being a “firefight”.

Well, reports of media malpractice are pouring in.

Apparently the “liberal” Ed Schultz whitewashed the whole affair:

He played a very small part of the video and totally took out the part where they shot up the makeshift ambulance who turned out to be a good samaritan with his two small children in the van. They killed these children’s father with absolutely no provocation and severely injured them in the process. In the discussion that followed with an MSNBC general none of these facts were ever mentioned and all they said was this followed the rules of engagement because they believed there was a threat and that they were carrying weapons. Then they shifted the topic to the pentagon not releasing this sooner. Not a single mention that 2 small children were badly injured, that their father was killed, and that there was absolutely no reason to shoot at that ambulance.

This is exactly how the Pentagon wants this issue covered: Show the most defensible portion of the video, ignore the rest, and then people won’t bother watching the entire video and seeing how horrific it is because they’ll believe they’ve already seen it.

Much of the media is following the Pentagon’s script. CNN’s “Situation Room” did exactly the same thing, showing only the portion of the video before shooting began and never mentioning the Good Samaritan.

CNN’s shameful, preposterous excuse for not showing any of the attacks: CNN’s respect for the victims' families. How dishonest! Those families (and the Reuters news agency) have been pressing for the release of this video for years. And the widowed wife and two wounded children allowed themselves to be interviewed by Al Jazeera. They WANT the truth to come out. They WANT Americans to see how their husband/father was murdered.

But the Pentagon and U.S. corporations that profit from war (like GE, which owns NBC & MSNBC) don’t want to you to see the truth, and they’re using every media trick to keep you from viewing this cold-blooded murder.

Posted by James on Wednesday, April 07, 2010