Department of Murdering Scary Looking Guys

Calling the U.S. military the “Department of Defense” is rather absurd because:

  1. The U.S. military’s global presence makes the Roman Empire seem parochial: “The forces of the United States military are located in nearly 130 countries around the world”.

  2. The continental United States hasn’t been invaded since The War of 1812.

Let me suggest a new name — “Department of Murdering Possibly Bad Guys,” given the following soldier’s claim that the horrific video (of U.S. soldiers murdering a wounded, crippled, weaponless, defenseless man and his would-be Good Samaritan rescuer) is fully representative of the past seven years' U.S. occupation of Iraq:

[M]y personal bias as an Active Duty US Soldier will ultimately show through in the end. I’m currently deployed to a region in southeast Baghdad, near where this incident took place, and the Rules of Engagement that dictate the use of lethal force [require] 51% certainty that the individual represent a threat to you or another US Soldier…

90% of what occurs in that video has been commonplace in Iraq for the last 7 years, and the 10% that differs is entirely based on the fact that two of the gentlemen killed were journalists.

War is a disgusting, horrible thing. As cliche as that excuse has become, for people to look at the natural heartbreaking nature of it and say that they’re somehow anomalous just shows how far people who have not experienced war have to go to understanding it.

Posted by James on Thursday, April 08, 2010