Smart people trust themselves... after listening to others

I like people who are smart enough to know they don’t have all the answers:

[U.S. Soccer coach Bob] Bradley must winnow his [World Cup] roster, first to 30 players by May 11, and then, by June 1, to the final 23 he will take to South Africa. He said he would probably invite 26 to 28 players to the team’s training camp next month in Princeton, N.J.

He keeps track of all the names in the mix on a white board that hangs in his office…

To shape the roster, Bradley and his coaching staff evaluate players in Major League Soccer and abroad weekly. Bradley spent more than a month in Europe earlier this year to watch American players and scout opponents. Bradley even opened up the process to outsiders, inviting four confidants unaffiliated with U.S. Soccer to give him their lists of 23 players.

“Did it change our thinking? Honestly, no,” Bradley said. “Did it bring up a couple of discussions we hadn’t had before? Yes.”

Posted by James on Tuesday, May 04, 2010