Even right-wingers increasingly fearful of Dominionist movement

When economies and cultures fail, people often turn to religion, cults and authoritarian leaders. When people are angry and confused, charismatic leaders raging against scapegoats and promising quick fixes can rapidly acquire tremendous power, as Hitler did in 1930s Germany.

The Tea Party movement has such potential. But a far scarier movement is dominionism. RightWingWatch.org is expressing alarm over right-wingers' alarm over the dominionists' growing power and influence:

I have been writing a lot about the creeping dominionism of the Religious Right here lately, but that is because I think it is an important development that has the potential to fundamentally change the movement from an effort by conservative Christians to engage in and shape the political process to an effort to create create a borderline theocracy in which every aspect of America life is dedicated to honoring God in order to bring about the return of Christ.

And we are not the only ones alarmed by this development. As we noted earlier this week, VCY America had decided to drop Janet Porter’s Faith 2 Action radio program due to her increasing ties to dominion theology…

On Monday, Schlueter dedicated her program to analyzing the rise of dominion theology and the New Apostolic Reformation within the Religious Right. Her guest was Sarah Leslie, an author, researcher, and member of the board of directors of Discernment Ministries, which has been voicing alarm at the rise of dominion theology within the movement on their blog

The program is an hour long and I strongly encourage you to listen to it because it is quite informative. And keep in mind that this discussion is taking place between two people who consider themselves a part of the Religious Right – Leslie was actually the head of Iowa Right to Life in the 1980s – so these are not religion-hating liberals voicing alarm about the radical views of dominionists, but very conservative activists who are warning that this movement is, in essence, a cult built on intolerance and coercion that is intent on creating an army of believers who will take complete control over our society and ultimately the world.

When extremely conservative Christian activists start issuing warnings about the radical turn the movement appears to be taking, it is probably a good idea to pay them heed.

This frightening movement has been growing and growing for decades out of view of The New York Times and the “liberal elite.” A great website for more information is TheocracyWatch.org, though it hasn’t been updated since 2008.

If you think the Dominionist movement can’t really take over American government, please realize that Sarah Palin is a dominionist.

Posted by James on Friday, May 07, 2010