Why is media ignoring Kagan's role in Don Siegelman's false imprisonment?

After learning last night that Elena Kagan argued loudly that the Supreme Court should not hear the case of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman, I was eager to read more.

Last night, I was disappointed that the New York Times article titled “Nomination of Kagan Leaves Some Longing on the Left” ignored Kagan’s strong support of Karl Rove and his gang of fellow Republican bandits who stole Gov. Siegelman’s re-election and then imprisoned him on trumped-up charges.

I just fired up Google News and typed “Kagan Siegelman.” Instead of the hundreds of stories I expected, there’s only ONE! How often does Google News find just ONE story? It’s not like the subject is secret. Regular Google has 44,800 “hits” for “Kagan Siegelman.”

Is the press censoring Kagan’s shameful role in this continuing miscarriage of justice because our nation’s power brokers have already agreed on Kagan? Has the press just not yet gotten around to doing its job? Or do reporters just think that false imprisonment of a former governor is no big deal?

Posted by James on Tuesday, May 11, 2010