THIS is fascism: U.S. letting corporate mass murderer clean up crime scene in secret

The most pleasant part of this short CBS News report is images of people bagging dead sea turtles whose little heads were hanging down limp.

What could be worse? How about U.S. Coast Guard personnel riding on a BP ship and threatening CBS News with arrest under “BP rules” for the “crime” of trying to visit oil-soaked Gulf Coast beaches?!?!

Kelly Cobiella reports that a CBS News team was threatened with arrest by Coast Guard officials in the Gulf of Mexico who said they were acting under the authority of British Petroleum.

Since when does the U.S. government — created and paid for by you and me — issue threats to journalists in the name of an evil global megacorporation?

So much for “freedom of the press.”

And when did BP buy up all of America’s beaches and put up “No Trespassing” signs?

Imagine the reaction if police caught a mass murderer but — instead of arresting him and collecting evidence — cordoned off the crime scene from public view, kept everyone away under threat of arrest, and let the murderer dispose of all the dead bodies and other incriminating evidence before anyone could identify them.

Posted by James on Wednesday, May 19, 2010