BP gives EPA the finger

If corporations are citizens — as the Supreme Court absurdly ruled in granting companies unlimited “free speech” (i.e., the right to spend unlimited amounts buying the election of friendly politicians) — BP deserves life in prison without possibility of parole because it’s a serial killer.

Even worse, it’s unrepentant. BP just flashed its middle finger to police as it continued its killing spree:

[BP] continued spraying the chemical [Corexit] on Monday, despite the E.P.A.’s demand that it use a less toxic dispersant to break up the oil.

…Sen. Richard J. Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the United States Senate [said] “People have been waiting 34 days for British Petroleum to cap this well and stop the damage that’s happening across the Gulf of Mexico.”

…The federal agency initially ordered BP on Wednesday night to propose one or more alternative dispersants to regulators within 24 hours. Then it gave the company 72 hours to stop using Corexit and make a switch. Officials and scientists from the E.P.A. and the oil company met Sunday night and were apparently unable to come up with a compromise before the deadline passed.

“We are continuing to use Corexit while we look at other alternatives,” Mark Salt, a spokesman for the oil company, said by telephone from Texas.

…BP has applied about 700,000 gallons of the dispersants on the gulf’s surface and in experimental undersea applications directly on the leaking well head. That is the largest quantity of dispersant ever deployed to date to break up an oil spill in United States waters.

…The Corexit dispersants were removed from a list of approved dispersants in Britain a decade ago because one type of test used in that country found them to be unduly dangerous to animals.

Posted by James on Monday, May 24, 2010