64% of U.S. scientists are atheists or agnostics; few believe in God without reservations

Interesting survey results:

Sociologist [Elaine Howard] Ecklund surveyed 1,700 scientists, and conducted personal interviews with 275 of them at elite American universities…

Ecklund found that 64 percent of scientists are either atheists (34%) or agnostic (30%) — about 10 times their number in the general U.S. population. Only nine percent of scientists say they have no doubt about God’s existence (vs. 63% of the general public), but a surprising 27 percent of scientists have some belief in God, ranging from having some doubts, but affirming belief (9%), believing in God “sometimes” (5%), or believing in a higher power that’s not God (8%).

64% seems pretty high, given the amount of religious indoctrination and religious social pressure in America. And the reservations expressed by most of the “believers” is astonishing too.

Posted by James on Tuesday, June 01, 2010