"How Soon Until the Free Market Stops the Oil Spill?"

The Huffington Post has some excellent coverage of the BP disaster. A few highlights:

Scientists have documented oil plumes deep under the surface far offshore even as BP’s CEO insists “the oil is on the surface” and “there aren’t any plumes”, statements the director of NOAA refused to contradict.

BP’s continued lies fit with its relentless efforts to cover up and lie about the severity of the damage. Most interestingly, scientists note that BP participated in a 2001 study that showed how oil and gas combine and stay under the surface, so BP is well aware that there must be lots of oil below that won’t come up. Since it’s hidden from cameras, BP’s CEO feels safe lying about it.

Despite BP and the Coast Guard’s “heroic” efforts to prevent the media from covering this story, The Huffington Post also offers a slideshow with hundreds of photos.

And I loved “How Soon Until the Free Market Stops the Oil Spill?”:

this latest solution isn’t a solution for stopping the flow of oil at all. The oil will continue to gush from the well, only now BP will be able to more effectively harvest some of the oil — a more reliable version of what they were doing with the riser insertion tube for the better part of last month….

I blame anyone who bought into the lines: “government is the problem” and “the era of big government is over.” It’s been systematic deregulation and the elevation of free market libertarian laissez-faire capitalism that have wrought this damage and allowed potentially destructive corporations to write their own rules and do as they please….

Exxon, as precedent, is now Exxon-Mobil and is doing just fine. It endlessly appealed the fines imposed as the result of Valdez oil spill and whittled the down the cost of the disaster to corporate pocket change, and whatever money they paid out was covered by insurance policies….

Forty years of corporate deregulation by conservative Republican Ayn Rand fetishists (and their Democratic enablers) have successfully poisoned the Gulf of Mexico. …they should just plug the oil leak with every single existing copy of Atlas Shrugged.

Posted by James on Thursday, June 03, 2010