Man killed in BP explosion feared BP's recklessness would kill him

“Killed Transocean oil worker was fiercely concerned about BP safety standards”:

Transocean toolpusher Jason Anderson told his wife, Shelly, that he was concerned about BP’s safety practices on the rig. Anderson was so worried about an accident that he spent his last trip home getting his affairs in order.

“Everything seemed to be pressing to Jason about getting things in order. In case something happened. Teaching me how to do certain things on the motor home so that I could go and do things with the kids, make sure that I knew how to do everything,” an emotional Shelly Anderson told NBC’s Lisa Myers.

Her husband drew up a will and talked about his hopes for their daughter and son.

The last few times Jason called her from the rig he was was clearly worried.

I previously said BP executives must go to jail for this. Everything I’ve since learned about BP’s pre-disaster shoddy safety shortcuts and post-disaster ass-covering and posturing (rather than solution-implementing) reinforces my conviction that the executives responsible deserve serious jail time.

Posted by James on Friday, June 04, 2010