iAd + iPad + iPhone + Safari Reader = Hypocrisy + Wealth

According to this fascinating article, Apple appears to be simultaneously:

  1. Rolling out a proprietary content platform (iOS on the iPad and iPhone) whose users will be unable to escape Apple’s new ad system (iAd)
  2. Rolling out a new ad-blocking technology for regular websites, which could well boost Safari’s market share (hurting IE, Chrome and Firefox) and cut into Google’s ad revenue (which is about 99% of Google’s total revenue) and drive advertisers away from the open Internet toward Apple’s closed system where ads cannot be blocked

The article correctly notes Apple’s simultaneous hypocrisy and strategic brilliance.

I fear and shun closed/proprietary systems because the corporations that operate them generally, eventually seek to exploit their customer lock-in. That’s the major reason why I use Ubuntu and don’t own an Apple. I want to be free and unencumbered. Unfortunately, as more and more people drift from one proprietary system (Windows) to another proprietary system (Apple), we’re playing into the exploiters' game. The more people embrace Apple, the fewer apps will be written for Linux and other operating systems.

Ironically, just as the world is escaping the evil clutches of the Windows/I.E./Word/PowerPoint/Excel monopoly, we’re running straight toward the evil clutches of all things that start with the letter “i”. Great for Apple. Bad for society down the road.

Posted by James on Wednesday, June 09, 2010