No more stolen elections! Smash the electronic voting machines!

This post is dead on:

Alvin Greene somehow “won” the election when he lost the absentee vote by 84 to 16. Absentee voting has a paper trail, while the electronic machines don’t. There is no logical way Greene legitimately won this election. This would be like the constitution party winning the presidency….

If we don’t have election reform, none of the other issues matter, because these machines can be manipulated to make any result the powers that be want.

An unemployed, penniless man who conducted no campaign and can barely speak in complete sentences somehow managed to pay over $10,000 to run for U.S. Senate and then actually won the primary?!?!

The 2000 and 2004 presidential elections were stolen. Countless Senate and House races have likely been stolen. By adopting unauditable, paperless electronic voting machines whose proprietary code is completely controlled by private voting machine companies (most owned by unabashed Republicans) rather than election officials, America has become a democracy in name only. No one outside of those voting machine companies can have any assurance that votes are being counted, rather than manipulated by secret software code.

Many people stopped worrying about electronic voting machines after Obama won, but Obama’s election means nothing. First, Obama has been extremely generous to big business and refused to investigate or prosecute Bush Administration criminals. Obama has been a huge disappointment for liberals and progressives, so the powerful people who control America’s vote “counting” had little to fear from him. And, second, given the tidal wave of Democratic support following eight years of George W. Bush, those who control the electronic voting machines couldn’t have stolen 2008 for McCain-Palin without blatantly stealing so many votes that Americans took to the streets to demand justice.

Liberal/progressive views have strong support, esp. in “Blue America,” but we’ll elect few truly representative representatives until we clean up our elections. And that means returning to PAPER BALLOTS!

Posted by James on Sunday, June 13, 2010