Congrats to the '08 Patriots and '10 Celtics

The Celtics lost a heart-breaking World Championship Game 7 to the Lakers last night. Both teams fought hard, especially on defense, where they made each other’s powerful offenses look weak. Either team could have won. The Celtics caught a bad break with about a minute left when the Lakers were given a basket after Pau Gasol jumped, landed on the floor and then shot and scored. He should have been called for traveling, and maybe the Celtics could have pulled out the game. But they lost a tight one.

In America, we seem to think of the vanquished as losers. But the 2010 Celtics are winners, not losers. They made the playoffs. They defeated the pretty good Miami Heat. They defeated LeBron James' top-ranked Caveliers. They defeated the mighty #2-ranked Orlando Magic, who played in last year’s NBA Finals. And they took last year’s world champions and this year’s #1-ranked Lakers to seven full games and nearly won.

The 2008 Patriots deserve even greater praise. They won their first 18 games!!! And they were leading in the Super Bowl and headed for a perfect 19-0 season until the final seconds and a miracle drive by the Giants that included some miracle plays and a very generous clock manager (one replay analysis shows the Giants got a full extra minute on that last drive). The Giants won. Congrats to them. But the Patriots' amazing season was still amazing.

Posted by James on Friday, June 18, 2010