I disallow your game-winning goal, but I won't tell you why

NY Daily News:

“I’m a little gutted to be honest,” [U.S. player Landon] Donovan said. “I don’t know how they stole that last goal from us. I’m not sure what the call was. He (the referee) wouldn’t tell us what the call was.”

“I still don’t know why the goal was disallowed,” [U.S. head coach] Bob Bradley said after the match.

Referee Koman Colibaly wouldn’t tell you a reason because there was no reason to disallow the goal. My brother says the offsides flag was down, so it wasn’t offsides. Everyone saw U.S. players getting fouled on the play, but no one saw a U.S. player committing a foul. Colibaly just didn’t want the U.S. to win.

Disallowing a goal for absolutely no reason is, literally, inexcusable. Colibaly should be shown a red card and thrown out of the World Cup. Especially disgraceful for an African judge to ruin a World Cup match held in Africa.

Posted by James on Friday, June 18, 2010