Elena Kagan helped Karl Rove imprison the totally innocent Gov. Don Siegelman

In early May, I blogged about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s inexcusable role in the horrifying political persecution of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman. Karl Rove and his Alabama cronies stole Gov. Siegelman’s re-election, and then pursued a relentless amoral campaign to get Siegelman imprisoned without justification, with the help of Mark Fuller, probably the most corrupt judge in American history.

In a separate post, I expressed anger over an apparent media conspiracy of silence over Kagan’s role in this outrageous travesty of justice:

I just fired up Google News and typed “Kagan Siegelman.” Instead of the hundreds of stories I expected, there’s only ONE! How often does Google News find just ONE story? It’s not like the subject is secret. Regular Google has 44,800 “hits” for “Kagan Siegelman.”

43 days later, I tried again. The good news: The number of Google News stories on “Kagan Siegelman” has doubled. The bad news: The number of stories jumped from one to two (and one of those mentions Siegelman only in the reader comments section). But this one is worth your time. It doesn’t break new ground but provides a short summary of this political witch-hunt and mentions the unprecedented widespread, bipartisan support for Gov. Siegelman from our nation’s top legal minds:

As Solicitor General of the United States, Kagan argued against an appeal to the Supreme Court by former Alabama Governor, Don Siegelman in November, 2009. The Siegelman prosecution is viewed by many as one of the gravest injustices of the modern era, a purely political prosecution initiated by the Gonzales Justice Department.

Forty four former state attorneys general were so concerned that they issued a public petition on Siegelman’s behalf in 2007. The petition to the United States House of Representatives urged prompt investigation of the many shady dealings in the Siegelman case, before, during and after his trial. They framed their petition in this simple sentence: “The U.S. justice system should be above reproach.” It wasn’t.

In 2009, ninety-one former state attorneys general filed a friend of the court brief supporting Siegelman’s appeal to the Supreme Court.

The article’s author, Michael Collins, shares my view that Kagan’s efforts to keep Gov. Siegelman unjustly imprisoned disqualify her from serving on the Court.

Why isn’t the media discussing this?

For more information, please visit DonSiegelman.org.

Posted by James on Wednesday, June 23, 2010