I came within a minute of giving up on FIFA forever

For the second game in a row, FIFA stole a potential game-winning goal from the U.S. They disallowed the goal for offsides, but the U.S. was NOT offsides.

The U.S. dominated the game but only put the ball in the net that one time. Admittedly, we missed some great chances. Nevertheless, had this game ended in a tie, I was prepared to swear off FIFA soccer forever. Thank goodness for a victory-saving goal in stoppage time.

If FIFA keeps stealing goals from the U.S. they’re going to lose a huge potential market for their product. I’m not asking for favoritism. I’m asking for basic fairness. STOP STEALING LEGITIMATE U.S. GOALS!!! And START USING REPLAYS FOR KEY PLAYS!!!

Posted by James on Wednesday, June 23, 2010