Discipline children by playing with them!

Diana Whitney writes:

James Plunkett, a child psychologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan… advocates “floor time” as the key to discipline. He says he often surprises his clients with this advice: “The single best behavioral strategy for managing your child is to play with her – a lot.”

If a child feels pleasure in her parent’s attention, she’ll be invested in keeping that relationship going.

Of course, this great advice isn’t a complete solution. Sometimes, you must be firm and insist on certain behavior (“You must brush your teeth”), but parenting is indeed best done with love. If you love and respect your children, they’ll (generally) show you love and respect in return.

When you must punish, always be clear you still love your child but are disappointed with a particular behavior. And never withdraw your love as punishment. Only withdraw toys or activities or food your child enjoys.

Posted by James on Friday, June 25, 2010