Pat Tillman: The movie

The military presented Americans a pack of lies about Pat Tillman. I hope millions watch an upcoming movie that will present something much closer to the truth.

You can now watch a preview of the movie I can’t wait to see.

But I’m worried because the director says “we had to skip over some very important chapters”:

Q: Did you have to cut moments or story threads that it hurt to lose?

A: I could talk your ear off. I mean, that’s another reason we were editing for a year…. In order to get as quickly as we could to the end, we had to skip over some very important chapters in the story. [Tillman’s parents] forced several investigations to take place — you see three, and we kind of conflate them a little bit.

Q: Which was the one in the film’s climax, with Rep. Waxman ineffectually presiding?

A: That was, like, the seventh. The sixth was the one you see that was borne out of the “go f—k yourself” letter [sent by Tillman’s father to the Army]. The third was the one that prompted the video you see [that investigates the area where Tillman was murdered], and that guy who went off to Afghanistan to film it was offered to the Tillmans to rectify the problems from their earlier investigations. In fact, Dannie Tillman presented John McCain with 30 questions that she wanted answered, so this guy went off for about a year to answer them. What’s missing from the film is this horrible moment where they’re going through the transcripts, and they realize that he’s part of the conspiracy. It’s, like, right out of a 70’s movie like China Syndrome or something. You see him stopping the transcript and the investigation when things get too close to the truth, and then they take a 15-minute break and come back and the guy changes his story. It would have been amazing in the film, but emotionally, once Pat Tillman dies, you can’t go there.

Posted by James on Friday, June 25, 2010