BP: Truly a psychopathic organisation

BP simply doesn’t care about anything or anyone other than its quarterly profit. On top of all the other amazing things we’ve learned about how BP allowed this (completely predictable) “accident” to happen and take every step to look like it was trying to save the Gulf while doing the bare minimum toward actually trying to save the Gulf and instead focus its efforts at capturing the oil, rather than plugging the hole, we now learn this:

BP admits failing to use industry risk test at any of its deepwater wells in the US…

The procedure, known as a safety case, was developed in Britain after the catastrophic Piper Alpha oil rig explosion of 1988 in which 167 people lost their lives.

Royal Dutch Shell confirmed that it always develops safety cases – a lengthy written document – on each of its thousands of wells in the world, even though they are only mandatory in some countries.

However, BP admitted to The Sunday Telegraph that it does not use safety cases on any of its US wells.

Posted by James on Sunday, July 04, 2010