If at first you don't succeed, buy truckloads of sand and cover up the oil-soaked sand

If this is true, BP’s cover-up is even more devilish than I could have imagined:

We’re getting reports from the gulf that BP is involved in another cover-up – in the literal meaning.

British Petroleum is trucking in sand to cover up the oil. Let me repeat that – instead of cleaning up the oil they are just bringing in sand from other beaches and covering it up. In the photos and the video you can see the layering of Grand Isle, LA sand, oil and then a sand of a different type. Photo-journalists have four independent confirmations by local Sheriff’s in Grand Isle, Louisiana.

CS Muncy, a freelance photo-journalist from New York has gone down to report the story on his own dime. He’s a friend of The Mudflats and has sent us these photos.

Posted by James on Sunday, July 04, 2010