BP well problem far worse than busted well cap

I’ve been expecting this but hoping for a happy surprise:

Thad Allen, the U.S. official in charge of the response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, ordered BP Plc to prepare for reopening the company’s Macondo well after a “seep” was detected.

Allen said a “seep” was found “a distance” from the well and anomalies had been observed at the well head.

Let’s all pray the relief wells stop this thing! Otherwise, I don’t see how they’ll EVER be able to shut down this leak.

And if we can’t stop the leak, we can’t rule out the ultimate nightmare scenario — that we’ve lit the fuse on a massive methane release that could possibly destroy humanity. BP has basically ripped such large cracks miles deep into the seafloor that we can’t completely trust the seafloor to contain immense volumes of oil and methane under the Gulf of Mexico. Who knows what will happen now that the frozen methane and oil under tremendous pressure has a direct route to the Gulf? One little hiccup has already destroyed a $600 million oil rig.

I’d like to believe those experts who say a massive release is not a realistic danger. But BP’s “experts” have been off by several orders of magnitude on their pre-disaster estimate of a worst-case release, their post-gusher estimates of the quantity of oil flowing out, and their pre-disaster promise of how much leaked oil they would be able to recapture and/or burn off. And, clearly, no one knows what’s going on miles under the seafloor. So, can anyone know how close we’ve come to self-destruction?

Humanity’s curiosity, greed, and technical ingenuity are already causing the fastest mass extinction event in Earth’s history. If we start a nuclear war or release giant quantities of methane, we could instantly doom ourselves (and trillions of other innocent creatures) to extinction.

People! Stop playing Russian roulette with Planet Earth!

Posted by James on Monday, July 19, 2010