Glenn Beck mocked his future self

Glenn Beck 2006:

On the August 24 [2006] edition of his CNN Headline News program, nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck claimed that Braille on walls (used to identify rooms for blind people) “drives me out of my mind.” When he made his comment, Beck was discussing the “politically correct world we live in,” which, he claimed, will not allow “stereotypes or sensitive questions” to be broached. He explained that “a blind person would have to be feeling all of the walls to find [the] ‘kitchen.’ ” Beck then waved his hands about, presumably to mimic the actions of a frustrated blind person. He then said, “Just to piss them [blind people] off, I’m going to put in Braille on the coffee pot … ‘Pot is hot.’”

Glenn Beck 2010:

Beck… tearfully told the Salt Lake City crowd of 6,000 that he’s recently been diagnosed with macular dystrophy…. He said a doctor told him he may or may not go blind in a year.

Philosopher John Rawls argued moral decisions should be made as if we do not know which person we actually are, as if we had an equal probability of being any person on Earth. Glenn Beck can mock blind people because he fails to realize he has sight because he’s lucky and is rich because he’s lucky. Beck should pick up a copy of A Theory of Justice and try to develop a conscience.

Posted by James on Tuesday, July 20, 2010