It's almost as if they TRIED to blow the well up

If BP were a person (and, of course, our Supreme Court says it is), it should be institutionalized as a serial-killing sociopath.

This is about the twentieth shocking revelation!

In the hours before the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded, BP pumped into the well an extraordinarily large quantity of an unusual chemical mixture, a contractor on the rig testified Monday. …the more than 400 barrels used were roughly double the usual quantity, said Leo Lindner, a drilling fluid specialist for contractor MI-Swaco.

BP had hundreds of barrels of the two chemicals on hand and needed to dispose of the material, Lindner testified. By first flushing it into the well, the company could take advantage of an exemption in an environmental law that otherwise would have prohibited it from discharging the hazardous waste into the Gulf of Mexico, Lindner said….

Ronnie Penton, an attorney for one of the rig workers, said… the double-sized dose of spacer fluid, also known as a “pill,” skewed a crucial test of pressure in the well just hours before the blowout. Based on the test, BP concluded it was safe to continue displacing the heavy mud from the well in favor of much lighter sea water.

Posted by James on Wednesday, July 21, 2010