Andrew Breitbart is -- as he called Sen. Kennedy -- "a special pile of human excrement"

Since it has been all over the news, I haven’t bothered to mention Andrew Breitbart’s shameless, groundless attack on Shirley Sherrod. Breitbart methodically de-contextualized Sherrod’s speech — about the importance of NOT being racist — until the heavily edited clip made Sherrod appear a racist. It was gutter “journalism” at its worst, splicing and dicing material until up looked like down.

But I want to recommend Mitch Albom’s article, “In the Sherrod controversy, do shoot the messenger”. He notes Breitbart “called Sen. Edward Kennedy, hours after his death, ‘a special pile of human excrement.’” This is no journalist:

It’s not journalism if you look for only one point of view, post other people’s stuff and don’t even acknowledge how using chopped-up material to paint a full picture is wrong.

“Let me think about that,” was what Breitbart said when asked whether he might have vetted the footage more carefully if given another chance.

Let me think about that?

…even after all that, Breitbart’s Web site contains pieces like “If Anyone Needs to Apologize, It’s Shirley Sherrod.” Breitbart actually said the following of Sherrod: “This person has not gotten past black versus white.”

Breitbart is a moron, a complete ass, or both. What’s shocking and depressing is that many on the Right seem to love this guy’s brand of “journalism.”

Posted by James on Sunday, July 25, 2010