Useful psychology lesson for all you parents

An 11-year-old girl in Wales visited five schools and fell in love with each during her visit:

First off was Howell’s, an independent boarding school in Denbigh, complete with ponies and pool, all within Hogwarts' facade. I thought Hero might be a bit intimidated, but she said she just felt excited, as though she were about to step into a Harry Potter film. Every aspect of boarding school life enchanted Hero…

Hero suddenly lived and breathed Howells. This was a worry. I rang a psychologist friend, panicking over whether I could really afford [private school] fees. She said: “Don’t worry, children always love the most recent positive experience. Just make sure she visits a state school last.”

She did, and that’s where she decided to go:

Hero’s last taster day was at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, the mainly Welsh-speaking school a few hundred metres away from her primary school and full of children she knows. It’s the school Hero has always assumed she’d go to. She has skipped down its corridors going to music lessons or the climbing wall since she was a toddler, and knows virtually every nook and cranny and many of the teachers. So it was with enthusiasm, not nerves, that Hero set off. She loved every second of it….

“The thing is,” she concluded “I am in Wales and am mostly Welsh. I want to speak the language of my country. I’ve always been in the top sets and don’t see the point in changing from the school I’ve always thought I’d go to. Perhaps I won’t get quite as good grades as my friends who’ve gone to private school but I think I’ll do OK and will be happy.”

Hero can speak of nothing other than Dyffryn Conwy.

Posted by James on Wednesday, July 28, 2010