FBI wanted to get Howard Zinn fired

I’m disappointed, but not surprised, to learn the FBI closely monitored Howard Zinn for political — not criminal — reasons.

But I am surprised the FBI began monitoring Zinn in the 1940s, when he was just an NYU student.

And I’m angry to learn the FBI tried to get Zinn fired from his professorship at Boston University:

“[The] Boston [office] proposes under captioned program with Bureau permission to furnish [name redacted] with public source data regarding Zinn’s numerous anti-war activities … in an effort to back [redacted] efforts for his removal.”

Curiously, reports Raw Story, “The bureau’s response to the request does not appear to have been included in the released documents.” What else is the FBI withholding regarding its spying on Zinn?

Posted by James on Saturday, July 31, 2010