Why I love Ubuntu... plus free Ubuntu resources to get you started

After using a variety of Linux distributions (Red Hat, Fedora, MEPIS, Gentoo, etc.) over the years, I’ve settled down the past 3-4 years with Ubuntu. I run Ubuntu on my laptop and multiple servers. It’s easy to install. It’s easy to update. It’s easy to use. I (almost) couldn’t be happier, so I highly recommend it.

For me, Ubuntu’s biggest advantages over Windows are:

  1. knowing exactly what’s running on my computer
  2. being able to remove or add whatever programs I choose
  3. stability
  4. security
  5. superior performance
  6. no need to reboot the entire machine after installing (most) new software.

I don’t need anti-virus software. I suspend my laptop over and over — without rebooting — for weeks at a time. I keep my servers up for months at a time without rebooting. Most software updates require only restarting the program itself, not the entire machine. And my hardware is much more productive with Linux than with the bloated Windows, which hogs resources. No blue screens of death. No revamping the entire GUI every year or two to force users to buy and learn a new interface. Which reminds me, I haven’t even mentioned Ubuntu’s free. They’ll even mail you an installation CD for free (though it’s better to download and burn it onto a CD yourself).

Over these past few years, I’ve converted a few friends to Ubuntu, including my old college roommate, who now complains to me how hard it is to convince his fellow doctors to adopt open-source programs for medical records. The medical establishment seems hopelessly stuck in the Microsoft rut and the expensive-proprietary-software-must-be-better-than-free-and-open-software mindset.

In case anyone out there is considering or has recently moved to Ubuntu, here are a few (free) resources you might find helpful:

Posted by James on Monday, August 02, 2010