When do U.S. kids - busy with sex, sexting, TV, and video games - find time to learn?

Jon Stewart recently called my state, Connecticut, “the smart state.”

Well, here in the “smart” state, “Nearly 70 percent of high school seniors who answered a state survey reported having sexual intercourse in the past 12 months.” I can only imagine the numbers in the “dumb” states!

“It’s talked about a lot. People don’t really hide it,” said Nina Raffio, 16, of Norwalk. “Teens are more aware of other teens' sexual encounters. They are likely to hide from adults but not from their peers.”

…The survey found that sex begins in freshman year for one in four high school students and steadily climbs to 67.4 by senior year.

Averaged out, 40.5 percent of the state’s teens reported having sexual intercourse in the past year, slightly lower than the 46 percent nationwide…

“Sixty percent are using condoms, but it is also frightening that 40 percent are not,” Aye said.

With America’s kids spending so much time socializing and playing grown-up, it’s no wonder so few can spell or write compelling essays or figure out calculus. It’s also no wonder so many are cheating on tests and plagiarizing their essays by copying them off the Internet.

I didn’t have my first beer till I got to college. Sex in high school? That’s crazy.

In China, high school students don’t date. They study because their entire lives hinge on gaining admission to a quality university.

No wonder jobs are flowing overseas. Millions of Chinese and Indian students are better educated than the average U.S. high school graduate and willing to work for a fraction of the wage.

American kids: Please do yourself a favor and put down the GameBoy, the XBox, the vodka, the remote control, and the phone you’re sexting on and start doing your homework. I guarantee you your future self will thank you.

Posted by James on Wednesday, August 18, 2010