The media blackout continues

I brought my son to The American Museum of Natural History on Wednesday. We had a nice visit and a pleasant walk through Central Park.

But the most interesting thing that happened was what I heard standing on the platform waiting for our train. A senior structural engineer was talking to some of the construction crew. Initially, I heard bits and pieces of what he said:

  • Many New Yorkers will be sickened by their exposure to asbestos from the Twin Towers
  • Larry Silverstein, who had recently purchased the buildings and got billions in insurance payouts, knew that cleaning up the asbestos inside would have cost at least a billion dollars
  • There’s absolutely no way airplanes brought down those buildings because huge numbers of incredibly strong steel supports came down at, basically, free-fall speed, as if there were no resistance at all. The only way those buildings could have come down as they did was with explosives.
  • The bases of the steel supports were cut clean at an angle, exactly as professional demolition teams dynamite such support columns. The collapse looked like a textbook demolition, and what remained after the collapse looked exactly how those buildings should have looked after being dynamited.

I’ve previously read such comments on various websites, and I find them far more persuasive than the official account. But here I was hearing them out loud in broad daylight from a senior structural engineer chatting with his professional colleagues.

As luck had it, the engineer was standing right next to us after we got off the branch line train and waited for the main line train to Manhattan. We started chatting, and I mentioned the 47-story WTC 7, which had collapsed on its footprint, even though it was not impacted by any plane or significant debris. He named some of the occupants of the building and casually said WTC 7 is where the Twin Towers' attack was coordinated from before they destroyed that building to obliterate the evidence. He also claimed that most large buildings are pre-wired for explosives because they must be prepared to take them down quickly if they start to lean.

I mentioned that I had read that a Bush cousin had been in charge of security for the Twin Tower buildings before 9/11 and that bomb-sniffing dogs had been removed in the days before the attack. He confirmed that and immediately added that he personally knew men who had worked in financial trading in the Twin Towers and that power to the buildings had been cut during that last week or two, something he said NEVER happens to financial trading firms. He also claimed that anyone who is anyone in structural engineering KNEW immediately that the Twin Towers had been taken down with explosives. He added that Russia and China absolutely must know that “we” took down those buildings.

I’m not saying any of this is true. But this experienced structural engineer basically repeated to me the exact story I’ve read online and found far more plausible than the official story. And he says it’s common knowledge in structural engineering circles.

If that’s so, why the heck doesn’t our media at least talk about this? Of course, the answer is obvious. Our media is bought and paid for. Even the good ones, like Rachel Maddow, know that questioning the official account of 9/11 is verboten.

Land of the free, huh?

Posted by James on Thursday, September 02, 2010