Damn Daily Show

Just this week, I praised The Daily Show for making 2010 American politics bearable through humor.

But the show angered me Thursday when Jon Stewart TWICE ridiculed those who suspect 9/11 was not what the government told us it was.

It’s bad enough all TV shows apparently must self-censor all discussion of sensitive topics like 9/11, never presenting dissenting voices (except the occasional show that presents absurd strawman conspiracy theories — rather than plausible, factually grounded conspiracy theories — just to knock them down and sour the public on all conspiracy theories).

But it infuriates me when an otherwise sensible program like The Daily Show goes out of its way to ridicule the 9/11 Truth movement — without presenting a shred of evidence — and to imply that the many men and women who have searched for truth where the government did not are crazy loons. Bill Maher does the same. Daily Show staffers are free to reject those conspiracies. But ridiculing the millions who suspect we were told lies about 9/11 without even investigating the evidence honestly is WAY beneath The Daily Show. The official story is patently false, as you can plainly see watching this TV appearance by veteran architect Richard Gage.

And I’m also upset at The Daily Show for falsely equating right-wing nuts with left-wing liberals when it calls for a “million moderate march.” Most left-wing liberals are not unglued from reality. We’re angry because we have many real reasons to be angry. Many far right extremists are angry at all the wrong things. For example, many of the Tea Partiers pay little tax yet are angry about taxes and fighting to cut the taxes of the richest of the richest Americans. The Tea Partiers who screamed at politicians to keep Washington’s socialist hands off their beloved Medicare tell you everything you need to know about some of these people. They’re well-intentioned and legitimately angry, but they haven’t a clue what’s really keeping them down, and that ignorance allows (and is caused by) the powerful — through their control of Fox News, Republican think-tanks, astroturf “grassroots” movements like the Tea Party, etc. — to direct their anger in all the wrong directions.

Those who think it took more than two airplanes to completely pulverize THREE gigantic World Trade Center towers are realists looking at facts and evidence. Fox News regularly willfully misleads and manufactures “facts” out of thin air. The Daily Show — which covers government malfeasance very well — should know better than to falsely equate truth seekers with Murdoch’s lie mongers and the millions of naive people who rely almost exclusively on his lying mouthpieces for their news.

Posted by James on Monday, September 20, 2010