Are our young people really THIS stupid?

Driving a car is dangerous. You could kill someone at any moment. So you had better take driving seriously.

I’m shocked almost daily seeing idiots talking on cell phones while driving through red lights, turning right on red without stopping (sometimes without even slowing down), backing up in a parking lot without looking behind them, driving absurdly slowly, or speeding past a school.

Despite seeing reckless drivers daily, I can’t imagine ANYONE would be so dumb as to type on their cell phones while driving, so I’m horrified to read that “30 percent of young drivers text at the wheel”:

63 percent of respondents under 30-years-old reported using a handheld phone while driving in the past 30 days, the Department of Transportation said.

And 30 percent of the drivers texted from behind the wheel in the same time period according to the [Consumer Reports] survey.

Posted by James on Tuesday, March 08, 2011