Credit cards are so 20th Century

Tired of feeling like an old man — at age 42, no less — I recently… finally… joined Twitter and am now following many of the Ruby/Rails/JQuery/PostgreSQL/JRuby masters. I’m loving it. I joined after reading Twitter lets people you trust curate the Web for you. They do exactly that, informing me of breaking news in subjects I care about. It’s fabulous.

But my old-man reluctance to sign up for this service and that service — I swear I’ll never join Facebook! — cost me a valuable opportunity. A few days ago, Avdi Grimm tweeted that his e-book, Exceptional Ruby, had a one-day 50% off sale. I went to buy it, but the only purchase options were PayPal and Google. I started signing up for PayPal before reading the terms of service and giving up. I just want to use my darn credit card.

Gosh, I feel old. Now where did I leave my horse-and-buggy?

Posted by James on Thursday, July 07, 2011