Grateful whale thanks rescuers

We took our kids whale watching off the Massachusetts coast Sunday and saw quite a few whales. Very impressive creatures. Such a shame humans have so severely damaged our oceans and depleted well over half the oceans' fish over the past 100 years.

We had a wonderful ride, except when our son’s beautiful new Red Sox hat — made in his mother’s hometown in China — flew off his head and into the water.

Large, intelligent mammals fascinate me because their emotional lives often appear so similar to humans'. I was touched this morning by this story:

The group came upon a stranded humpback whale who was so tangled in a mesh of nylon netting that she was beginning to drown, and as Fishbach noted in this video, was possibly an hour from death. The crew worked tirelessly for more than an hour to free the stranded whale and, to their elation, eventually succeeded. Then, magic happened.

For miles on their ride home, the whale put on a beautiful show — perhaps to say “thank you” to her rescuers?

Posted by James on Tuesday, July 19, 2011