Tony Romo: World's dumbest person?

(I’m uncomfortable calling anyone “dumb,” but Tony Romo makes tens of millions of dollars to play a game and single-handedly threw away — through repeated acts of stupidity — a game his team had already won. All Romo had to do to seal the victory was not hand the ball back to the Jets. Instead, he gifted the ball to the Jets TWICE in the final quarter. He deserves to be called “dumb.”)

As a Patriots fan, I was thoroughly enjoying tonight’s Dallas Cowboys thumping of the Jets. Dallas was up by 14 points and had 1st-and-goal at the Jets' 2 yard line. Soon to be at least a 17-point 4th quarter lead. The Cowboys franchise had NEVER lost a 14-or-more-point 4th quarter lead. And Dallas is about to tack on at least 3 more. Game over.

Except I hadn’t accounted for the world’s dumbest man, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo, throwing the game away. When you’re up by two touchdowns in the 4th quarter and have an automatic chip-shot field goal — even if you’re sacked — 99% of your focus should be on not turning the ball over. Don’t worry about scoring a touchdown if there’s any risk involved. Throw the ball at the hot dog vendor or curl up in the fetal position. Just don’t turn it over. Instead, Romo decides he’s a running back and dives straight into the teeth of the Jets defense, immediately coughing the ball up at the 1-yard line. Jets get the ball back and score, making it a 7-point game. Then, after the Cowboys fail to move the ball, they try to punt and somehow forget to block the Jets defender in the very middle of the field… with the shortest path to their punter. It’s like Moses parted the Red Sea for the Jets guy to put his hand on the ball before the punter could kick it. Punt blocked and run back for an easy touchdown. Tie game.

OK, so you’ve blown a two-touchdown lead. But it’s still a coin flip. Dallas has a 4th-and-1 and punts it. I would have gambled on 4th down because Dallas had lost its top three cornerbacks and the Jets were driving easily on their replacements. Going for it on 4th seemed a worthwhile gamble. But Dallas punts and eventually gets the ball back. But then Romo throws a short completion… to the Jets' Darelle Revis! Romo throws the ball to a double-covered receiver while the league’s best cornerback stands between Romo and his receiver. Are you kidding me, Tony? Have the bookies threatened your family or something? Or are you just the world’s stupidest person?

And I haven’t even mentioned the foolish delay-of-game penalties. Or the critical second-to-last play where the Cowboys needed about 30 yards but Tony wasn’t even paying attention when his center snapped the ball to him. While Romo was looking elsewhere, the ball clanged off his chest, killing whatever hope Dallas still had of kicking a tying field goal. And this was, I believe, after a Jets timeout! How does a quarterback not know the snap count after a timeout? Amazing. The Jets had no business winning that game. Romo served it on a platter.

Posted by James on Monday, September 12, 2011