Smart tech firms give employees large monitors and quality chairs

As expensive as work chairs are, the ROI on a properly adjusted, quality chair is huge:

Improving the ergonomics of chairs and other equipment increases productivity by an average 17%, based on a review of 40 studies of office workers published in 2008 in the Journal of Safety Research. Workers tended to have fewer musculoskeletal problems and a lower rate of absences and errors, the studies found.

The ROI on a large monitor is even greater (according to university research funded by a monitor company):

Organizations that upgrade their employees' standard-format monitors to widescreen displays can realize productivity gains equivalent to 76 extra work days a year per worker.

They also can realize annual cost savings of more than $8,600 per staff member, according to a recent survey. (That math assumes a staffer who makes $32,500 annually.)

But even a monitor-size skeptic concedes empirical evidence demonstrates productivity gains from larger monitors.

Posted by James on Wednesday, September 21, 2011